Libra – (1) the month begins with Mars in Virgo in the 12 of limitations in opposition to Neptune in Pisces in your 6 house of work. You need to think carefully before you disagree with others at work. Don’t be impulsive on the job. Mercury Trine Saturn on the 4t connects your 1 house of personality and 5 house of pleasure. This can help clarify your desires so you understand what you need and what you can give. The weekends with Venus in the 1 house Square to Pluto in the 4 on the 5 t so do not act selfishly especially with those who mean the most to you.

Libra – (2) the second week begins with Venus entering Scorpio and your 2 house on the 10 t. This asks you to focus on your business and financial dealings with others. You can be highly intuitive so listen to your deeper feelings but don’t mix business with pleasures. A T Square on the 13 & 14 formed by the Sun Moon and Neptune may bring confusion that can affect your work and daily routines. Make sure you find some quiet time so you can sort out any emotional fears that could affect your work.

Libra – (3) the third week is disrupted by a Venus Saturn square that challenges you to be careful with financial information especially when in group situations. You may find yourself spilling information that should be kept quiet the Full Moon on the 20 th suggests you spend some time catching up with work and health routines. You’ll feel satisfied by what you accomplish. The Mercury-Pluto Square on the 22 may expose information you need to feel more secure.

Libra – (4) The fourth week features Venus in the 2 opposite Uranus in the 8 on the 23 rd so don’t mix your money with others without clear boundaries. Sex may present some awkward moments. Mars trine Saturn on the 25 t can help in romantic conversations but don’t be too open since Mercury will go retrograde on the 27 t in your 1 house of expression. You may be misunderstood. The 30 th brings a need for common sense with money and passion as since Jupiter will Square Venus.