Libra – The month begins with some powerful cross currents of energy as 5 planets are retrograde and will be joined by Jupiter making a six pack. Jupiter in your 8 house of shared energy warns you to treat other peoples resources with great care. Also control your passions. There may also be a general sense of confusion in the air, missed messages and a feeling that everything is haywire. Be careful w/communications, and your insecurities as Mercury in your 12 is one of the culprits. The good news is Venus will go direct in your 11 house of associates and Mars is direct in your 1 st house of personality bringing positive energy to your ability to network with important people. Just move slowly.

Libra – week 2 is a powerful time for reflection and repair as Mercury retrograde is distancing from the Sun in your 12 th house. This is the house of personal limitations and spirituality. Mercury retrograde in this area asks you to review your inner being. What is it that motivates your actions in the world. Is it fear or faith? You need to see how you can overcome your limitations. You may need to take some time to meditate on your short comings so you can take a more positive approach to the world and its challenges. Take advantage of this opportunity for the New Moon in the 12 th can bring an opportunity for a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities.

Libra – The 3 week begins with a bang as Mercury goes direct in your 12 th house and Venus in the 11 th house Squares Jupiter in the 8 th. Mercury direct asks you to straighten out misunderstandings so you can make peace with others. This is a good time to enhance your spiritual side. Venus in the 11 th will bring new friends and business opportunities to you. But the Square to Jupiter in the 8 th house of passion warns you to know your boundaries. So not misuse anyone’s resources. An opposition between the Sun in the 12 th house and Neptune in the 6 th warns you to be careful at work. This may not be a good time to express the way you feel so use a little commonsense with bosses.

Libra – 4 The month ends with the Sun entering Libra and the 1 house of your chart energizing your personality and appearance. You can use this energy to step out and make your mark on the world. Venus in the 11 house of associates will Square Uranus in the 8 th house of shared energy, passion and intuition. You must know who you can trust and how to negotiate to get hat you need. It would be helpful if you could use your deeper intuition for it can lead you to a new sense of rebirth. Mercury in the 12 house of limitations will trine Uranus in your 8 th house. This is a good time to listen to new and unusual ideas that can help you develop your individuality. It can lead you to success.