Mars the planet of energy has been retrograde since January. Your energy and sense of adventure begins again as Mars moves direct on April 14 th and picks up speed for the rest of the month. Mars is the planet associated with physical activity, desire and challenges in. Here’s what this powerhouse planet can mean for your sign

VIRGO First House – this energy can be a bit impulsive and adventurous two qualities that might surprise people as you come out of your shell and make your presence known You can be aggressive but don’t be egotistical or people will turn away. Disciplined this energy and focus on self improvement plans made in January. Be efficient, practical and have a plan to take action.

LEO Second House – this energy can increase your ambition and give you more drive for success especially in financial terms. If you had a good business idea in January, this may be the time to test the waters or seek investors. You’d love running things and this is a good time to invest your energy in something concrete. Pay attention to the details and don’t be extravagant..

CANCER Third House – this energy will stimulate your mind and give you the energy and desire to go places and do things you want to do. If you needed some information to complete a task begun in January, you may find it now. You can be intellectually sharp but a bit competitive so watch your words and tone of voice. Don’t start a fight and do take caution in travel

GEMINI Fourth House – this energy stimulates you on your deepest level. You should maintain an awareness of what you are feeling and how you are interacting with loved ones. If a family dispute began in January, you might have the energy to heal it now. This is also a good time to clean the attic and do fix it up projects. Work carefully and make sure you keep your emotions clear.

TAURUS Fifth House – this energy can stimulate the wildest part of your nature. Your sensuality is an increased and you’re willing to pursue your hearts desire. Do not bully other people, respect the right of children to be themselves and use your physical energy carefully. If you started a creative project in January this is the perfect time to bring it to a successful conclusion.

ARIES Sixth House – this energy stimulates you to work harder and smarter so that you can complete work projects especially those begun or planned in January. If you made a resolution to take better care of your health or lose weight, your efforts might be rewarded now. You can be very productive but you must be careful not to fight the boss and to use machinery carefully.

PISCES Seventh House – this energy stimulates your interaction with other people via in a professional or personal setting. If you had difficulty negotiating a deal begun in January, you may be able to bring it to a successful conclusion. But it must benefit all the parties involved. You are energized to meet people, stand out in public and begin new relationships.

AQUARIUS Eighth House – this energy stimulates your intuition and sensuality so you should listen carefully to your feelings about other people. Business or financial deals that have been delayed since January may pick up speed at this time. dot the i’s and cross the T.’s. Get rid of deadwood, file your taxes on time, control and purify your desires and you will feel renewed.

CAPRICORN Ninth House – this energy stimulates your mind and may give you the courage to pursue your ideas you’ve been thinking about since January. Promote what you believe but be aware your truth is not the truth. You can deepen your knowledge in philosophical or abstract terms but be careful in debates. You must be willing to allow other people to believe their truth.

SAGITTARIUS Tenth House – this energy stimulates your ambition and drive for success. Your efforts to get ahead may have been delayed since January. You may now get a green light. Be careful to keep your methods legitimate. You seek recognition and you have the courage to pursue it. Discipline and hard work help you overcome obstacles but do not anger those in power.

SCORPIO Eleventh House – this energy stimulates your interest in group participation and how it can help better the world. Social projects began in January may now start paying off. Use your talents to work with others but measure your ego. You must realize that not everyone has the same attitudes and goals. Cooperation can bring success, self interest will derail your efforts..

LIBRA Twelfth House – this energy stimulates your need to understand the motivations behind your deeper desires. Why do you need the things you want. Will your life be influenced by old fears or will you honestly deal with your psychological issues. Spiritual renewal projects begun in January bring dividends of emotional clarity. Yoga and meditation may help renew your deeper energies. Listen to your dreams.