Here is an update on the Mars retrograde which will occur on January 24 th and last through April 14, 2012. Mars is the planet of physical energy, action and desire. He will retrograde in the sign Virgo – a sign where he is not considered as well placed. Since the negative side of Virgo deals with worry and criticism do not over do these energies. On the positive side Virgo deals with organization and systems. This is an opportunity to re-visit your habit patterns and make adjustments where necessary. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your sign to practice during this retrograde transit.

Aries – 6 th house. – Do not worry over trivial matters, Do not eat foolishly, Do not be pushy at work, Do not take on too much work and Do not be reckless. Use this time productively by establishing positive personal habit patterns. Be productive and efficient at work, Learn to use new technology and be willing to prepare for the future.

Taurus – 5 th house – Do not be rash in romantic involvements. Do not be foolish when you should be sensitive. Do not take unwise gambles, Do not be boisterous and Do not over extend yourself in sports. Use this time productively by being sensitive to the needs of others. Be flexible in creative projects. And pay attention to the needs of children.

Gemini – 4 th house – Do not ignore the needs of family members, Do not stir up trouble at home, Do not start fights without a purpose and Do not try to fix it yourself if you don’t know how. Use this time productively by healing intimate issues, establishing emotional depth and being more sensitive. And get the house fixed by a professional

Cancer – 3 rd house – Do not allow your mind to wander, Do not be disorganized, Do not be illogical in arguments, Do not be too critical and do not move too fast. Use this time productively by focusing on important issues, organizing your mind controlling your actions. Be efficient and careful in communications and please watch where you are going.

Leo – 2 nd house – Do not spend your money with reckless abandon, Do not gamble on foolish investments, Do not be selfish with your resources and Do not limit yourself through self doubt. Use this time productively by making a systematic budget, know the difference between what you need and what you want. And take action to make money.

Virgo – 1 st house – Do not take personal action without realizing there are consequences. Do not be too aggressive or critical. Do not be too independent or make rash judgments. Use this time productively by monitoring your energy. Make a real effort to improve your appearance and self expression. Be confident in your ability to succeed.

Libra – 12 th house – Do not ignore your need for quiet. Do not make war… make peace. Do not be self destructive and do not engage in immoral or illegal behavior. Use this time productively by establishing time for meditation. Do listen to your inner prompting. Do clarify your desires. Do use your energy to help others not just yourself.

Scorpio – 11 th house – Do not force your will over others especially in social groups. Do not act without thinking. Do not try to dominate or grab power from others. Use this time productively by establishing social awareness. Study good leadership methods. Do be a leader not a revolutionary. Stay focused to a goal that improves society.

Sagittarius – 10 th house – Do not become frustrated in your career. Do not gamble or take foolish actions to achieve recognition. Do not take on authority figures. Use this time productively by establishing an industrious and energetic career plan. Do focus on your positive achievements. Do become as efficient as possible so you can earn more success.

Capricorn – 9 th house – Do not be too aggressive in your beliefs. Do not discount other people’s beliefs. Do not fight over petty differences and Do not take dangerous journeys. Use this time productively by trying to open your mind. Explore other belief systems. Do listen to some new ideas. And do put energy into new opportunities that can bring new growth.

Aquarius – 8 th house – Do not take chances with other peoples money. Do not manipulate others especially emotionally. Do not get involved in secret affairs. Use this time productively by realizing deeply what is yours and what you share with others. Do take some time to monitor your investments and do realize this is a time of passion and personal renewal.

Pisces – 7 th house – Do not be unreasonable with your partners. Do not be too pushy and aggressive. Do not break the law and do not fight with strangers. Use this time productively by establishing a sense of cooperation with your partners. Do be gentle and try to understand their needs. Join with others to create peace, love and prosperity.