ARIES Ma in the 6 stimulates the work ethic. You’ll want to do more but you should make a real effort to approach work projects in a very efficient manner. This will help you complete work projects. You may also start a diet or go to the gym, Just don’t over do. His Opposition to N 12 may bring some challenges concerning your ability to understand exactly what is expected of you. If you feel uneasy about a person or project listen to your intuitive awareness. Otherwise a lack of clarity can create a state of confusion.

TAURUS Mars in the 5 stimulates your sensuality and creativity. The pursuit of pleasure is high on your list of things to do. This is a great time to start a creative project or go out on a hot date. Just use your physical energy carefully. His Opposition to N 11 may bring some challenges through your friends or groups you want to join. You want to do good in the world and be helpful but you don’t want to be used. Don’t allow your friends to manipulate you and take time to investigate what your favorite group really stands for.

GEMINI Mars in the 4 stimulates you on a deep emotional level. Make sure you know exactly how your feeling when interacting with loved ones. If you need to ready the house for winter get chores out of the way now. Just work carefully. His Opposition to N 10 suggests there may be a conflict between home duties and career duties. Make sure you know what you need to do in each part of your life and don’t use career responsibilities to get out of family obligations. Focus may be difficult but necessary to keep things straight.

CANCER Mars in the 3 stimulates your mind and may give you a bit of wanderlust. You’ll want to go places and do new things. Your mind may be sharp but your words may be competitive so watch the tone of your voice and the words you write. His Opposition to N in the 9 suggests you need to use a good dose of understanding when dealing with people you don’t really know. Take nothing for granted and you’ll keep yourself safe. Some people can’t tell the truth and others will make promises they can’t keep. Stay aware and awake.

LEO Mars in the 2 increases your drive for success and your ambition may be running of high speed. You love to run things your way and you should make every attempt to invest your energy in something concrete. Just pay attention to details. His Opposition to N 8 can bring some confusion when dealing with other peoples resources. You must know what is yours and what is not. If someone tries to sell you a sure thing be very careful. The same warning can be said about intimate issues be careful with new people.

VIRGO Mars 1 stimulates your physical energy and need for adventure. You can be more impulsive than usual and might surprise your friends by breaking out of your shell. This can be a good time to move ahead in life but you must disciplined your energy. His Opposition to N 7 can bring some challenges through your relationships. Listen carefully to what people are saying and read between the lines for they may be confused. Don’t take foolish risks in public and live within the letter of the law. Guard your reputation.

LIBRA Mars in the 12 suggests that you take some time to get away from it all. You may want to try meditation or yoga so you can understand your deeper motivations. This is a good time to clean out your psychological closet and find renewal. His Opposition to N 6 can bring some challenges or confusing conditions at work. You may be day dreaming and make some mistakes. Listen carefully to directions so you know what is expected. You should also watch your diet and exercise routines. Protect your health.

SCORPIO Mars 11 stimulates your need to get out and see the world There are people to meet, places to go and things to see. You may join a group of like minded people so you can participate in more social events. You know how to be an effective leader. His Opposition to N 5 suggests you’ll have to be a bit careful with the people you meet and the activities you pursue. Your usual sharp judgement may be a bit clouded and its easy to misunderstand the actions of others. This can be a creative and romantic time but move slowly.

SAGITTARIUS Mars in the10 gives your ambitions a boost and increases your drive for success. You will seek recognition for what you do and you’ll be willing to discipline yourself to the tasks at hand. You will radiate a sense of self confidence that can bring opportunities your way. His Opposition to N 4 suggests there may be some conflicts between family and career. Make sure you meet your responsibilities in both areas or you’ll cause yourself grief. Your intuition is not working well and you’re easily confused. Maintain clarity.

CAPRICORN in the 9 Mars stimulates your need to understand life on a broader level. You want to pursue your ideas and you know you have what it takes to succeed. You have the courage of your convictions and will be willing to promote your beliefs. His Opposition to N 3 suggests that other people may not see the truth the same way you do. You know the power of belief is often colored by illusion and not truth. Keep an open mind but do not be influenced by shaky logic. Approach the mystical with one foot on the ground.

AQUARIUS Mars in the 8 will put your sensitivity into overdrive. Your intuition will be humming and your sensuality can peak at a high level. This is a great time to dust off your mind and listen to any psychic impressions that come your way. His Opposition to N 2 warns you to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in any financial dealings. You may be dealing with confused people or a misrepresentation of the facts. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Read the fine print before you sign and watch your wallet carefully

PISCES Mars in the 7 increases your need to interact with personal or professional partners. You may have the opportunity to come before the public and you need to cooperate with others in joint ventures. Remember, two heads are better than one. His Opposition to N 1 suggests that you must project yourself carefully. You may use the power of glamour or charisma to influence other people but they may misunderstand your actions. Be straight forward and honest. Your gentle compassion can turn even enemies into friends.