Aries – Mars is visits your sign in March and April. You’ll feel a burst of energy that puts you ahead of the pack. Just remember to succeed you need a plan so wed instinct and focus. Mars challenges you in July and August to take care of home and family.

Taurus – Mars visits your sign Mid April to May. You can be more determined than ever to succeed but you must not be bull headed. Take a constructive approach to business and pleasure. Mars challenges your ego in September – keep it in control.

Gemini – Mars visits your sign June to mid July Keep your head on straight because there lots you want to do and much you can accomplish. Keep an open dialog with friends and partners. Mars challenges your health habits mid October – mid December

Cancer – Mars visits your sign mid July through August. Take care with your emotions for your sensitivity can push you to extremes. Listen to your instincts when making important decisions. Mars challenges your sensitivity March – April & December

Leo – Mars visits your sign September thru mid October. Your love of recognition can push you into a leadership position but plans need to be made. Romance captures your imagination and heart. Mars challenges your courage and determination in May

Virgo – Mars visits your sign Mid October through December. Stop nit picking and put an efficient plan into action. Your technical skills can shine as you make strategic moves at work Mars challenges your discipline and logic June – mid July

Libra – Mars visits your sign in December. You need to balance your energies so you can achieve what you want. This is an excellent time to use the power of compromise and persuasion. Mars challenges your Public Relation skills in March and August.

Scorpio – Mars is favorable to your sign from mid July – August its time to think big but also to think clearly. If you want to travel the world now is the time to take off or take a cruise. Mars challenges you in May and September don’t be controlling.

Sagittarius – Mars is favorable to your sign April and September. This is the time to look for romance, start creative projects or go to college. New ideas may be blossoming in your head. Mars challenges you in June and November – talk things out

Capricorn – Mars is favorable to your sign in May. This is the time to activate your desires and pursue what you want. Creativity can be given a deeper purpose and pleasures are enticing. Mars challenges you July and August so cooperate to get ahead.

Aquarius – Mars visits your sign in January – get off your duff and get moving as excitement lurks around every corner. Put the power of your mind to work on new ideas. Mars Challenges you to let partners take the lead in September

Pisces – Mars visits your sign in February. Take a new course of action and don’t be shy. Its time to buckle down and achieve recognition for your creative ideas. Be spontaneous. Mars challenges you October and November so be aware of details