Aries – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 4 th house of home and family. You are not noted for being emotional but this week may be different. Your sensitivity is increased to your family and you may take some steps to make yourself feel more secure. Make sure you listen to the feelings behind a love one’s words. The quality of your responses important

Taurus – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 3rd house of communications and travel. You are a homebody but you still can go out have a good time. This is a great time to take a vacation especially to the beach. Open your mind to the ideas of others and be willing to explore new destinations. You may be surprised at how much fun conversation and travel can be.

Gemini – the new moon on July 8 falls in your 2 nd house of money and material matters. Money does stand for security in our culture but it has a way of coming and going through your hands. You must be a bit careful not to buy expensive items on an emotional whim. You would be just as happy investing in a computer that can make your work easier and more fun.

Cancer– the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 1st house of personal expression and appearance. You may feel as good as you look or you may look as bad as you feel. It’s important that you know that other people will be able to sense the power of your moods. If you have a heart that is feeling happy then a bright shiny smile will light up your face and your life.

Leo – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 12 th house of hidden and secretive matters. You’re normally like to be on the center of the stage but this new Moon warns you to take some extra time to care for your inner needs. You will benefit from the practice of yoga, meditation or other spiritual exercises. This will invigorate your inner creative and expressive power.

Virgo – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 11 th house of friends and group associations. You’re not usually overly emotional when you’re out in public or at a party. But if you’re involved in a group of people that espouse a humanitarian ideal than you may get all worked up. Bring the best of your compassionate nature into the conversation and take action.

Libra – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 10 th house of career and social status. You’re usually reserved and professional when it comes to career involvement or social situations. But now there’s a deep emotional energy that is pushing you forward. If you can constructively join your feelings and your creative ideas a new road to success may open up for you.

Scorpio – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 9 th house of higher mind and understanding. You know you think differently than other people because you can sense things with your mind. And that talent is stronger than ever this week. New ideas, new people and new ambitions may come to you. Make sure they pass the test of emotional clarity.

Sagittarius – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 8 th house of rebirth and sensuality. You love to live on the surface of life running from one adventure to another but now you may want to stop and deepen your emotional commitment to others. No you will not lose yourself in another, in fact by committing to another you may gain great emotional strength.

Capricorn – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 7 th house of relationships and public relations. You try to be cool, collected and professional especially when you’re in the public eye. But there’s an undercurrent of emotionalism that may bring vivid feelings out into the open. It may help you by showing your sensitive and caring side to the ones you love.

Aquarius – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 6 th house of health and work. You’d like to take a logical approach to your responsibilities but sometimes you have to get emotionally involved. It may surprise you how much work you can get done when you commit your feelings and emotions to your responsibilities. Show your soft side to those in need.

Pisces – the new Moon on July 8 falls in your 5th house of romance and creativity. This is one of the nicest placements for this new Moon. It lights up some new opportunities to express your feelings and creativity to love one’s. Make sure you go out on a romantic date or start a new creative project. If you have children, bathe them in the light of your love.