You need know that both Saturn and Mercury move into the powerhouse sign of Scorpio this month. This marks a great change of energy and since this sign rules death and regeneration some old structures will fall so new ones can be put into place. This is the first time in 28 years that Saturn will be in this sign and you can use his energy to make significant changes in your life. That’s the power of Astrology and here’s how you can use it to help you

Aries – Since this occurs in the eighth house of your chart Aries, you will have to examine the real effects of the experiences you have shared with others on an intimate and financial basis. Does your involvement with others bring you more power and security or does it leave you a sense of lacking stability and power. Do you feel insecure or that you’ve given your power away? Aries, this transit asks you to let go of negative habit pattern and negative attachments so that you may move forward to the future with new energy, a new sense of power, and a renewal of your deeper purpose in life.

Taurus -Since this occurs in the seventh house of your chart Taurus, you will have to examine how you have shared energy with partners, how they have affected your personally and how you have effected them. You may find that you don’t really know the people that you are living with or that you are working with. If your relationships are not working they may have to change. You role in the world when working with others must be productive. You need to cooperate to achieve greater things. You must know what you bring to the table, what you give to others, and what you get in return.

Gemini – Since this occurs in the sixth house of your chart Gemini, you will have to examine how you have performed under pressure especially in your work situation and what have you produced that has value. You must demonstrate that you can be productive even under trying circumstances and you must learn how to use your energy wisely. You are in a period of personal adjustment so any perceived failures or inadequacies must be understood and changed. You must grow your talents, become a more efficient and healthy person, and get ready to become more effective in the world.

Cancer – Since this occurs in the fifth house of your chart Cancer, you will have to examine your creative and expressive abilities and see how you can make them more effective. If you have suffered from fear or anxiety in these areas you should heal your approach through therapy. Loneliness or a feeling of depression should not be empowered for they may merely be symptoms of your ego playing games with you. If you want to be loved, you must also love others. This is a time to deepen your creative ability, to share joy and pleasure with others and to put truth into your personal expression.

Leo – . Since this occurs in the fourth house of your chart Leo, you will have to examine your ability to focus on your emotions and how they effect others as well as yourself. If you are having problems with family members or you feel you have too many responsibilities that are weighing you down, you should understand why you are feeling this way. Is there really a problem or are you just sensing that a change is needed that will lead to a deeper sense of well being and security. You don’t want to merely survive in the world, you want to thrive. This is the time to start building a brighter future.

Virgo – Since this occurs in the third house of your chart Virgo, You will have to examine your ability to integrate what you have learned from life so you can use your experiences in a more powerful manner. This is the house of learning where the mind gets formed so the understanding can grow. You must know what you don’t know… and what you need to know to become more effective as a person. You are interacting with the world around you and it is teaching a new awareness about reality. You must be practical, learn how to communicate your ideas and perfect your skill sets.

Libra – Since this occurs in the second house of your chart Libra, you will have to examine how well you really know yourself and how your self image has been effected by the opinions of other people around you. Plato attributed the aphorism “Know Thyself” to Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi. You must use this wisdom saying to bring a deeper sense of awareness to the reality of your being. You must work hard to develop your talents and you should understand what you see as truly valuable. Your efforts will go beyond the material and structure new values for the future. Be productive.

Scorpio – Since this occurs in the first house of your chart Scorpio, this is an extremely important time of your life. You will have to examine exactly who you are and how you project that reality out into the world. This can be challenging as you will be forced to discipline your personality, use your energy wisely and learn from your personal interactions. You are growing up no matter what your age and you need to redefine the way you project yourself. This is when you gut check your ego against other people reactions to you. Put effort into finding the real you and then become the person you want to be.

Sagittarius – Since this occurs in the twelfth house of your chart Sagittarius, it is time to turn away from the world so you can examine your inner nature. You will have to examine what you have achieved in the world to this point and how that has help you develop your spiritual nature. This is a good time for prayer, meditation and retreats so you can clarify the essence of your experience. This is the house of Karma. Look now at what you have sown and what you have reaped. You are ending one cycle and a new one will begin. Use your inner spiritual and visionary resources to plan a better future.

Capricorn – . Since this occurs in the eleventh house of your chart Capricorn, this becomes an important time to understand and use the power of the social and business contacts you’ve developed. This can be a purposeful and creative time if you have produced tangible returns for yourself in the real world. People will respect your achievements but they may also remember your failures. Do not get hung up in what you have done for yourself, its time to use your expertise to help the world. You must look to the future, forget your frustrations and develop an approach that will bring you a new sense of purpose

Aquarius – Since this occurs in the tenth house of your chart Aquarius, this is a critical time to be recognized for what you have done in the world. You are seeking success in the terms of profession or social standing. You may feel that you have to produce more or take on more responsibilities but that might cause frustrations and burdens. The real key to success at this time is to move naturally in what you know you can do and become efficient and effective. This time period can make the height of success or a fall from grace. It all depends on knowing what you can achieve and working toward that goal.

Pisces – Since this occurs in the ninth house of your chart Pisces, it is an important time for you to open yourself to new theories, philosophical ideas, and religious belief systems that can broaden your mind. You are connected to a culture by experience and learning, but did you ever question the veracity of what you have been taught to believe. You must do so now and if the knowledge you’ve acquired is faulty, you may have to readjust your beliefs. You may decide to travel, pursue a higher level of education or take your religion to heart. This is to help you gain an intellectual foundation for the future.