Venus Transit Capricorn All Month
Pisces – Venus shines her gentle light in your eleventh house all month. You are naturally one of the sensitive beings of the Zodiac. You love people and have a real knack of making them feel comfortable.  You should take every opportunity to allow your love light to shine. You may be at your best at a concert or art show and if you are single you may meet the perfect partner. Enjoy the good that life brings you and share it with others for then your pleasure may be increased.

Mercury Retrograde Square Saturn February 18 & 19
Pisces – Mercury goes retrograde into your 12th house of spirituality and hidden agendas.  This suggests that your intuition is not on target and old fears may confuse you. Seek clarity and emotional stability.  You’ll feel better. A challenge from Saturn in your ninth house over the 18 & 19 warns you that not everything you hear will be the truth.  Ask yourself, does anyone really know the Truth. Wisdom is difficult to obtain but worth the effort

Neptune is Pisces Conjunct the Sun February 23
Pisces – Neptune transits your 1 st house in Pisces the sign he rules.  This can be an extremely important time in your life as Neptune’s rays increase your sensitivity and adds a subtle magnetism to your personality.  You can use compassion and gentle healing energy to win over the hardest heart.  The conjunction to the Sun on the 23 rd can bring confusion or illumination. Charm will be your ally,  manipulation your greatest sin.





Mars transits Virgo and your 7 th house through July 4 2012 and he is retrograde until April 14, 2012. He is an aggressive and energetic factor. You would rather not fight so control your actions with partners. Be gentle and remember that peace brings love and prosperity. Jupiter moves through Taurus and your third house till June. opportunities for travel, learning and adventure abound. But be careful with communications and confusion. Dot the I.’s and cross the T.’s. When Jupiter moves into your fourth house spent some comfortable time at home with the family. You may also fix up the house or buy one. Remember, the real opportunity is to feel at home and secure where ever you are. Saturn transiting through your 8 th suggests that sensuality can be fun but asks what have your relationships brought to you in real terms? The energy you share with others for business or pleasure can empower or devour. Grow in depth and understanding. Neptune transiting your 1 st house can change the way you project your energy into the world. You must use your energy to influence the feelings of others. You are receptive, imaginative and psychic. Use your charisma carefully.

Uranus – Pluto Challenge 2012

The fireworks are here Pisces as Uranus transiting the12 th house can shake the depth of your being. Understand your inner life and spirituality by meditating and practicing yoga. Keep your emotions clear or confusion can throw you off track. Pluto transiting your 11 th house pushes you to fundamentally change the attitudes you have concerning working with other people. People may come and go and your goals in life may change. The conflict you must manage is to use the deeper knowledge of your soul in unselfish pursuits. This will give you a new vision, purpose and understanding of life.