The new moon colors the month with vibrant energy.  Venus and Neptune opens the door for lovers to embrace and the cosmic challenge stimulates action and tension in our lives.

Pisces – A new moon in your second house of money and personal resources tells you to watch your budget.  You’ll be tempted to spend without thinking so don’t be too impulsive.  It would be better if you invest time to develop new ideas or techniques that can help make you money. A huge energy shift occurs towards the end of the month so check out the Cosmic Challenge.

Pisces -The Conjunction of Venus and Neptune is in Pisces and your 1st house is illuminated by this energy which can give you the power of drama and charisma so be careful with your actions and what you say.  You may exude sensuality which can attract many people to you but your power of selection may be blinded by a strong sense of romanticism.  Express your talents and your higher ideals to win new admirers.  You may find love doing a poetry reading or listening to music.

Pisces – the Cosmic Challenge – Mars stimulates action in your 8 house warning you to use clarity and not emotions when you are involved with other people.  The opposition to Uranus in the 2 house suggests that willfulness may cost you a lot more than money so control your passions.  Jupiter in the 5 house suggests that your need for personal expression should be guided by kindness and  sensitivity and not just personal recognition.  Pluto in the 11 house suggests that joining your creative talents with others in can remove some limitations.  Re focus your energy, use your resources with care, be generous and you may gain a deeper sense of accomplishment.