Pisces – Jupiter retrograde in your 7 house suggests that you reevaluate your recent commitments. You’ve had opportunities for advancement and have met influential people. Now you must consider if your involvements have added deeper value to your life.
Pisces – Saturn’s retrograde in your 10 suggests you review your experiences in career and social situations. Your ambitions seek recognition or you will feel frustrated. Do not take on responsibility that does not fit your soul. You may consider a change.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016. Pisces – Mercury enters your 3 house. This helps solidify plans for travel or education. Make sure you take some time clarify your ideas and communicate them to others.
Venus brings her charm to your 2 house adding a sense of comfort, satisfaction and extravagance. You want to enjoy the best things that money can buy but you might be better off saving a little money for a rainy day.

Pisces – Mars goes retrograde in your 10 – consider the amount of work you’re putting into your career. Are you working hard or smart? You know how to get ahead by being a diplomat so use this talent now. focus on positive work habits. Efficiency will pave the way for advancement and success.

Pisces – Pluto Retrograde in the 11th house of associates compels you to examine your involvement with groups of people and professional associations. You may fundamentally change your attitudes concerning social and political issues. Important people or new concepts may influence your thinking but please make sure that you’re not being manipulated. Be true to your self and find the purpose of your soul.