Pisces – The month begins with a powerful Jupiter Pluto Square. Expansive Jupiter in your 8 house of rebirth is challenged by the purging power of Pluto in your 11 house of associates. Your sensitivity has increased and you may feel life with a greater intensity. However, the square to Pluto in your 11 house warns you to listen to your intuition about other people. You want to make the world a better place but you need to work with like minded people. You seek intimacy but must also seek quality.

Pisces – Saturn is retrograde in the 10 house. You must learn from your experiences in career and social situations. Have your ambitions been realized or do you feel frustrated. You may have taken on too much responsibility or may be on the wrong career track. If you are frustrated and dissatisfied, don’t blame others look around and make a change

Pisces – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 3rd House suggests that you keep an eye on your day to day activities. Your mind may be moving too fast, so you’ll need extra effort to maintain clarity of thought or confusion will rear its ugly head. Other people may also have confused thinking so use logic and negotiating skills to get what you want.

Pisces – Mars moves into in your 4 stimulating your deepest emotional level. This is where you live & it’s the core of your being. You must be awareness of what you are feeling and how you are acting with family members. It will be easy to steer the ship but it is better to ask where everyone wants to go. Keep your emotions clear, fix up whatever needs to be repaired at home.