Pisces – (1)the month begins with a New Moon in your 2 house. It is also joined by Mercury and Chiron. This concentration of energy will increase your need to use your resources in a productive manner. Take a leading role, develop your brand and let everyone know how creative you are. Invest your time and money in new activities that can make a profit. Just remember that Mars is conjunct Saturn in your 12 house so make sure you behave when in public or group situations. This is the house of self-undoing and you want to impress not disappoint powerful people.

Pisces – (2) the second week features a powerful Square between Mercury in the 2 and Pluto in the 11 warning you to be careful with communications and money in group situations. A conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in your 1 st house and your sign can be magical and creative. This can bring opportunities in quiet ways as you can heal the depth of your being and find the truth about your spirituality. You can free yourself and open new sources of inspiration. The Full Moon on the 16 th brings emotions to the surface in intimate situations. Tread carefully for emotions are high.

Pisces – (3) the third week begins with an energetic conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your 3 rd house warning you to be careful with communications, learning and travel. Unexpected news may arrive. A square between the Sun in your 2 house and Pluto in the 11 th warns against being too independent in group situations. You may have some good ideas but they must be approached in a cooperative manner for Mercury will square Saturn at the end of the week. Saturn does not like wasted energy, but he will reward hard work and elbow grease

Pisces – (4) the fourth week has a major conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in your sign and your 1st house. This is a powerful yet subtle combination of energy that can bring many opportunities for self-expression and a whole new depth of understanding. You need to focus your energy on spiritual goals and creative activities. You need to listen to your dreams and follow your intuition. An opportunity to add sensuality, love and spirituality to a relationship may appear. Pluto going RX may give you some time to re-evaluate your friends and associates