Pisces – The month begins with a powerful Mercury Pluto Square from your 2 nd to 11 th house. It is important that you learn how to use your deeper communication skills so you can network with important people and business associates. You must use common sense. On another level you should also be aware of any conflicts you might have with associates. Do not manipulate or allow others to manipulate you. A sextile from Saturn to Mercury will help you maintain practicality. The Full Moon falls in your 8 th house of shared energy. This is a powerful and sensitive placement when dealing with the emotional issues surrounding joint finances, investments and intimacy. Maintain clarity

Pisces – week 2 opens with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Mars. Since Venus and Mercury are in your 3 rd house of intellect it is important for you to think and analyze the new ideas that are coming your way. This can be a very exciting time and you’ll want to tell everyone where you are planning to go – both on a physical and intellectual level. The Venus trine to Pluto will show you the importance of having solid friends and family members to rely on. Show them how much you appreciate their help. Jupiter conjunct the Sun in your 2 nd house of money and resources can bring some good news about opportunities to make more money. Just remember to put some away for a rainy day.

Pisces – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Pluto Square that connects your 12 th and 3 rd houses. This presents you with an important dilemma that demands your attention. You may be faced with a challenge from your inner fears and sense of personal limitations. You must know how your mind is affected by your thought patterns. If you need to change your life, change the way you think. You may need a deeper spiritual understanding. A New Moon in your 2 nd house may bring a new burst of personal energy that can help you develop you talents and ability to make money. You must know what you find most valuable and focus on reaching your personal goals.

Pisces – 4 The month ends with some very nice energy as the Sun in your 3 rd house sextiles Saturn in the 1 st bringing stabilizing energy to your personal expression. Take some time to analyze exactly what you want to communicate to others. Mars in your 5 th house of pleasure will sextile Uranus in your 3 rd house of intellect. This brings excitement through messages, travel and education. You may find helpful information through the internet. Venus will conjunct the Moon in your 5 th house of foundations. Take advantage of this fleeting energy to enjoy a sense of security. You may want to splurge a little on your home and family so make some needed improvements.