Pisces, The month begins with a gentle burst of energy the highlights your tenth house, Be open to new career possibilities. Mix business and pleasure but be productive.

Pisces – Venus in the 9 th house inspires you to open your mind to new possibilities. You may deepen your mind by pursuing a higher level of education or you may be attracted to unusual places. Understanding different people and cultures can add more color and spice to your life. Dreaming of tomorrow’s possibilities is great but a little effort starts you on the way to success.

Pisces – Mars in the 8 will stimulate your psychic awareness. Your sensitivity will be humming and your reaction time is quite short. Take time to deepen your mind and listen to any psychic impressions carefully. His Opposition to Uranus on December 10 th in the 2 warns you to take extra care in any financial dealings. Know the facts, read the fine print before you sign and watch your wallet.

Pisces – the Full Moon Christmas illuminates your 5th house of romance and creativity. You might want to revel in all the pleasures of the day but it may be better to keep things simple. If you over indulge now you may feel an emotional drain. Children and partners need your love but don’t expect calm waters. Warmth and compassion make you the winner on this special day.