Pisces – The first week has a Full Moon in Leo 6 house bringing emotional energy to work situations and daily routines. Co-workers and bosses may be a bit sensitive at this time so you should keep to your schedule and make sure you’re disciplined and productive. This is the completion of a cycle so be sure you complete all the task that comes your way. Be careful to watch your diet and don’t worry over trivial things. Jupiter moves forward in your 2 nd house. This is a positive energy that may bring new opportunities to improve your finances and investments. Just be careful not to splurge if you have a bit of luck.

Pisces – 2 Venus will be in your 1 st house so look for help by being understanding of others’ needs. Your compassionate nature can give others the support they need and you will appear to be a gift of comfort and understanding. This is a gentle energy that will attract the support you need to reach your goals. Put your best foot forward. She will conjunct Neptune on the 15 th combining Neptune’s spiritual energy with the earthy power of Venus. You have a certain charisma about you that will open doors and you may even find happiness through a romantic encounter. Just remember Neptune is a bit nebulous so keep your actions above board.

Pisces – 3 The sun will conjunct Saturn so this is an important time for a serious look at your spiritual awareness. The Sun likes to shine but Saturn is more austere and controlled. If he gains recognition is it usually through hard work and concentration. You must be confident in your abilities and conquer personal limitations. The New Moon in Pisces and your first house on the 20 th will make you very sensitive and emotional. You may need to step back and take a break from emotional issues so you can clear your head and heart. Then you will be able to recharge your batteries and be able to take on the world.

Pisces – The 4 weekends the month with a Stellium of planets including Venus, the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and your second house of money and resources. They are also joined by Chiron the wounded healer. This is a powerful and positive combination of energy that brings the promise of new opportunities to get ahead and use your talents to make more money. If you have ever wanted to start your own business this might be the time to take on a new adventure. Just remember that no one succeeds alone so use your ability to network to help you get ahead.