Pisces – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 5th house of pleasure with your 7th house of partners. You have a green light for pleasurable activities and should take every opportunity to express your creative and sensual side. You’ll be openly romantic and sensitive so save your best for the ones you love. Be careful not to overindulge so share your strength with others and control your weaknesses.

Pisces – The Sun and Mercury in your 5 house oppose Pluto in your 11th house of group associations. Hopes and dreams are the promise of the future. But if you are too self centered your finer and more idealistic visions may be lost. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 2 suggests that you must clarify your visions if they are to be acceptable to others. Creating a vision takes time and money. The bigger the dream, the more help will be needed.

Pisces – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 6 will be helpful in work situations. You may be able to pick up some new techniques that can make your responsibilities easier to handle. This is a good time to watch your diet and start a new routine. The trine to Saturn in your 10 suggests that you take a practical approach to work issues that can better your career and social standing. Influential people may support your ideas since they also see the effort and commitment you’re willing to make.