Pisces – (1) the month begins with Mars in Leo and your 6 house of routine in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 12 house of limitations. This is a challenging energy combination that warns you to control your fears and your need to be aggressive. You may create a conflict with authority figures. Venus will also oppose Saturn from the 6 to 12 house. This may force you to modify your habits and what you feel is most valuable to you.

Pisces – (2) the second week begins with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 6 house of routine as the lovers come together. A much nicer energy than last week will allow you to be more productive and creative in your daily routine. This is followed by a beautiful Sun Neptune trine that connects your 5 and 1 houses. You may feel you have a better opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life as you express your desires easily.

Pisces – (3) the third week is energized by Mercury in Cancer and the 5 house sextile Uranus in Taurus and the 3 House. Another good combination of energy that allows you to express creative and romantic ideas that connect you to other people. A Venus Jupiter opposition connects your 7 and 1 houses cautioning you against excess in partnerships. You need to be a little careful to balance what you need with the needs of others.

Pisces – (4) The fourth week features Mercury in the 5 house opposite Pluto in the 11 house. Words can have deep meaning and they can hurt so you must be careful with what you say in social situations. Jupiter enters Aquarius’ 12 house and opposes Mars in Leo and the 6 house. Warning you to be aware that some hidden limitations or fears may be affecting your work routine. Be responsible, be productive and follow the rules.