Pisces – The month begins with Venus Square Uranus under the light of a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the 11 th house of your chart. You are naturally sensitive Pisces but now that may be increased especially with friends and business associates so be extra aware of your feelings. Venus in the 6 th reinforce your need for discipline so pay attention to details and stay on schedule at work. The Square to Uranus in the 3 rd warns you to watch what you say and where you travel. You may encounter some unexpected situations and be careful with computers. The week ends as the Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 1 st House. This is a sobering energy that helps you stay focused.

Pisces – week 2 begins as Mercury in the 5 th house opposes Pluto in the 11 warning you to watch what you say with friends and associates. There may be an undercurrent power play or manipulation going on. Keep your wits about you and don’t fall for false information or leaked secrets. This is important as Mars enters Virgo and your 7 th house of relationships. It would be easy to be critical of others but you should be cautious with unconfirmed stories. This energy demands a certain amount of wisdom when judging partners. The Moon will conjunct Uranus in your3 rd house of intellect. This is erratic energy and warms you to use common sense and not just emotions.

Pisces – The 3 week begins Mercury Leo (6) Squares Jupiter in Taurus (3)There is a lot of determination in this energy but you must be careful not to allow fixed ideas to create disagreements with co workers and make sure you stay on schedule. There can be negative effects on your ability to think clearly which can disrupt your work performance. The Sun trines Neptune in the 1 th house which may help ease stress but it can also lead to flights of fancy. You imagination is empowered so use it creatively or in romantic pursuits. But the week ends with a thud as Mars 7 Opposes Saturn 1 causing disagreements with partners and the Sun 5 Opposes Pluto 11 warning you to maintain personal boundaries.

Pisces – 4 The month ends as Mars 7 separates from Saturn 1 easing any tension and strife that was in the air (between your desires and the actions and plans of partners, take a break from the pressure and maintain a positive working relationship.) Excitement and unexpected developments are in the air as Mercury in the 6 house squares Uranus in the 3 th. This can throw a monkey wrench into work and travel schedules. Be careful in communications concerning important projects at work. Lovely Venus may smooth out any communications glitches as she joins Mercury in your 6 th house. This is an energy that can restore cooperation and help negotiate any needed personal adjustments.