New Moon – June 2104
Pisces – the month opens under the vibration of a Gemini new Moon in your 4 th house of home and family. This is an emotional time and you may be wise to hunker down and spend some time alone. Take care of personal business that deals with family issues or responsibilities at home. Improvements to your intimate surroundings bring improvements to your emotions so clean up and fix up projects must get done. Then there will be time for family fun.

Mercury Retrograde June 7, 2104
Pisces – Mercury RX in 4th House warns you to pay attention to what family members are saying over the next few weeks. Its easy to create misunderstanding, if conflicts or disagreements are left unresolved. You may have to make some repairs so if you can’t handle it get a professional to do the job. This is also the case in personal and emotional issues. Talk them out without becoming angry or hurting feelings or get professional counseling to clear the air.

Neptune Retrograde June 9, 2022
Pisces –Neptune is retrograde in your 1 st house. Neptune is always subtle but now his energy can bring confusion. Your sensitivity is a powerful talent that can add a great deal of magnetism to your personality. You may even be a bit of a snake charmer. But since this is your ruling planet you must be warned that other people might not see what you see and might not hear what you’re saying. Make sure you’re being clear and simple. Reevaluate the way you express yourself to others.