Pisces – Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your eleventh house of associates. A beautiful trine from Venus as the month begins in the 3 house is great for assimilating new ideas. Uranus 3 has intensified your mind to ideas. Don’t forget common sense. The Sextile from Mercury in your fifth on the 7 opens a new approach to personal expression. Mars in the 5 brings extra energy to your sensuality and creativity. his trine to Neptune on the 14 th in the 1brings charismatic expression. honor the truth of your being. On the 19 th Mercury in your 5 house opposes Pluto in your 11th house of group associations. Your ideas of pleasure and expression may be different than the ideas of others. Pluto’s opposition to Mars may challenge you to revitalize organizations that have become bureaucratic. Venus transiting on the 24 th in your your 4 brings her sense of enjoyment to intimate family activities. her square to Neptune 1 suggests you must project your feelings carefully.