Pisces – (1) the month begins with Mercury turning stationary direct in your 3 house of intellect and Saturn the Lord of Karma turning RX in your 12 house of limitations. This is a week of conflicting energy. Mercury wants to move ahead at flank speed because you have so many ideas and so many places you want to go. Your mind is having a good time and you want to share your energy with others. However, Saturn may have a different plan. He is more concerned with understanding your limitations Pay attention to your inner voice and make some time for meditation.

Pisces – (2) the second week is exciting as Mercury 3 Trines Pluto 11, sexy Venus conjuncts Uranus 3 and there is a Full Moon in your 10 house. The Mercury-Pluto trine may bring an opportunity to communicate your ideas to associates. Cooperating with others helps improve the world Venus Conjunct Uranus in the 3 can bring an unexpected intellectual high. Make sure you capture good ideas. The Full Moon in your 10 has success written all over it. Control your actions for you may have an opportunity to impress higher-ups. New responsibilities come your way

Pisces – (3) the third week begins with a Deceptive Sun 4 Square Neptune 1 energy and Venus 3 Squares Saturn 12 But settles down as Venus 3 Trines Pluto 11 at the end of the week. The Sun Neptune Square demands clear thinking and communication or your personal expression may cause disruptions at home. Venus square Saturn from the 3 house reminds you that words can cause hurt when they hit too close to home. Measure what you say. When Venus trines Pluto at the end of the week your social life gets a boost and your attitude is more positive.

Pisces – (4) the fourth-week Demands clarity as Neptune turns retrograde in your 1 house of personality. You are helped by a New Moon in Cancer in the 5 house of pleasure and positive Mars and Venus aspects. Neptune is a bit tricky to handle. now he demands you take some time to understand the spirit behind your personality. The New Moon in your 5 house suggests you’ll get help from creative and romantic people. The Venus and Mars energies will bring positive energies into your life that can bring renewal to your compassion and sense of spirituality