Pisces – the new Moon falls in your 1st house of personal expression and appearance.  Your emotional sensitivity is running on high and you can easily express your emotions to others.  Be a bit careful with moodiness for a bright smile attracts light and pleasure into your life.

Saturn Retrograde
Pisces – You must learn from your personal experiences if what you have been taught is true and valid.  You may question your religion, philosophy and even science.  If you think you have all the answers, your wrong.  Life is a wonderful school with many adventures and possibilities but without real purpose, you’ll get lost

Mars Retrograde
Pisces – reevaluate how you share your energy with others on a personal and business level.  Know what you’re willing to share in what you want in return.  There can be misguided passion and intimate faux pas.  This can be a time of deep healing, psychic and sensual renewal.