Pisces – The month begins on a note of caution as the last quarter moon conjuncts Saturn in your 10 house and squares Jupiter in the 7. You may be receiving mixed messages as Saturn brings delay and Jupiter optimism. You need to balance these opposing forces by keeping aware of what is expected of you and what you can achieve. Partners may be pushing their dream of success but you need to be practical. Responsible and cautious action wins the day for everyone.

Pisces – Mars is transiting your10 of career, ambition and social standing. You may be more aggressive than usual as this energy stimulates your ambition and drive for success. Keep focused on your responsibilities and don’t drift into the realm of possibilities. Reality should be the main motivating factor. You need to put together work hard and the cooperation from those in power so use your ability to inspire others. Courage and discipline lead to success.

Pisces – the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 1 will inspire you in all types of personal expression. You have been given the gift of sensitivity and charisma and you can use them to influence people. You can project a dreamy romantic persona that many people just can’t resist. Just remember not to get caught up in your own drama for the power of glamour and illusion can easily fool you. Use your gifts for healing and compassion and you will win many hearts.

Pisces – a complex T – square pits the pleasure planet Venus in your 1 of personality against expansive Jupiter in your 7 of partners while restrictive Sat goes stat rx in your 10 of career. This is a tricky aspect that may leave you feeling at odds with yourself. You may be in love with love and seeing the world through your rose colored glasses. But you must remember that your reputation can be damaged if you allow others to take advantage of your kindness. Saturn’s retrograde warns you that important people may be watching. Be responsible.