Pisces – Venus transiting Taurus, the sign she rules and your 3 house of intellect is great for assimilating new ideas, sharing them with your colleagues and seeking new adventures. Her Conjunction to Uranus helps you assimilate new ideas and communicate them with a dramatic flair. New places and experiences beckon. Mercury returns to direct motion in your 1, you’ll feel more intuitive and your ability to think more clearly may give you a new sense of personal freedom. Saturn entering Aquarius and your 12 house asks you to focus on your inner nature including the development of your spiritual gifts and learning how to listen to your dreams. A sensual Jupiter Venus Pluto Trine enhances the last weekend of the month. Jupiter and Pluto in the 11 brings opportunities to mix with people as new doors are open to you. Venus in the 3 house is great for assimilating and sharing ideas.