Pisces – Venus shines her gentle light in your fifth house all month. You can use her energy to find romance and pleasure and even if you don’t excel in these areas, a time of opportunity is here. Show off your creativity, take a bit of a gamble in romance and get out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Venus brings the blessings of love and compassion. A surprising & exciting gift of romance and pleasure comes your way on the 25 th as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus. enjoy

Pisces – Mars is transiting your 4 th house of foundations. His energy will stimulate your emotions on the deepest personal level. This is the area that represents the core of your being so must be aware of what you are feeling and how you are acting with family members. It may be too easy to forget that others are effected by the words you say and how you express them. Try to establish a clear consensus on the most important issues facing yourself and family.

Pisces – Mercury Retrograde in 4th House suggests you need to be extra kind at home and with family members because misunderstandings can create conflict and discord. Remember to follow through on fix up, clean up and spring cleaning projects. Get things done now and you’ll have more time for fun later. Remember to be especially nice around the 27 th when warrior Mars joins up with retrograde Mercury. Words spoken in anger will create hurt feelings.