Pisces – The month begins as Mercury is transiting your second house of money and resources. Follow your budget and watch your bills. A challenge from Saturn and Pluto in your 11th house warns you not to rely on what you hear in social situations. Venus brings her charm to your 2 house adding comfort. You want to enjoy the best things money can buy. Her trine to Jupiter 10 house on the 9th is a powerful omen for advancement. Hard work attracts attention from powerful people. Mercury transits your 3 house and trines Saturn and Pluto in your 11 house from the 16 – 18 th. Cooperate with others to build a more stable future. Pluto compels you to examine your involvement with groups. the trine from Mercury in your 3 house helps you clarify your ideas and communicate them to others. Mercury enters your 4 house helping you deal with home and family issues. The Square to Neptune in your 1 on the 29 th can change the way you project your energy into the world. Use your charisma but do not manipulate others.