Pisces – (1) the month begins with Mercury in your 8 house of shared energy Squ Pluto in your 11 house of associates. This repeats October’s challenge. Make sure you know all the facts before making partnerships or decisions about a group of people. The New Moon opposes Uranus suggesting that people will be too willful and erratic. A careful eye will be needed in understanding different beliefs. If someone is acting too erratic you may have to back off or adjust your thinking it may be for your higher good. Venus enters Capricorn and your 11 house at the end of the week suggesting a change of values may be needed.

Pisces – (2) the second week begins with Mercury and Mars together in your 9 house of the higher mind and ambition. They both Square Saturn in your 12 house of limitations. The excess energy of Mars and Mercury can bring disputes due to ambitious plans. Make sure you know what you want to achieve and why. You must become aware of the rules of the game or you will be challenged to prove yourself. You must realize not everyone thinks the same way you do and they have plans of their own. Since both planets Square Saturn in the 12 th house you must use wisdom when dealing with professional organizations or large institutions. Watch what you do and say and don’t bend the rules.

Pisces – (3) the third week requires discipline as the Sun Squares Jupiter and you may be tempted to get involved with big debates. This may sound exciting but you must have as much information as possible or you lose it. Be prepared. The opposition between Mars and Uranus could heat things up as future ambitions and different goals could cause conflict. There is ego energy in the air and it is not positive. Keep your secret plans secret. Mercury Squares Jupiter at the end of the week so remember empty heads make the most noise. Make sure you follow the path of wisdom and don’t fool yourself.

Pisces – (4) The fourth week features a return to some friendlier energy as Mars in the 9 house trines Neptune in the 1. This combines visionary energy with spirituality and suggests you may gain a whole new perspective on the world and what beliefs motivate people. Your intellect and intuitions are working together and your sensuality is increased. This may help you develop a deep bond with your partners in business or with loved ones. You should listen carefully to your dreams. A Mercury Saturn sextile will help bring dreams down to earth and you may find you can conquer some personal fears and inhibitions.