Pisces – (1) the month begins with a few Lunar bumps that may keep your emotions off balance. The Moon Squares the Sun, Venus, and Uranus which can cause disagreements due to personal fears and emotional sensitivity. You may need to be more grounded with your emotions. Things settle down mid-week but take a turn for the worse as Venus will square Saturn and oppose Uranus at the end of the week. This suggests your ambition may run up against others’ willfulness. Try to understand the beliefs of others & make adjustments to their vision of reality.

Pisces – (2) the second week opens with a number of challenging aspects as the Full Moon is Conjunct Uranus & Squared by Saturn. the Sun in your 9 house is Conjunct Venus & Mercury opposite Uranus and Squared Saturn. This represents a potpourri of energy that needs to be sorted out. It mostly affects your sense of ambition and your ability to realize a dream. All this energy makes everyone more sensitive than usual so be wise and remain in control of yourself. Your flexibility will be effective as gentle energies manifest at the end of the week bringing more peace.

Pisces – (3) the third week brings a bit of help as Mercury and the Sun trine Jupiter in your 1 house of ego and personality. It’s important to separate your emotions from your sense of reality. Opportunities may come to you through understanding and compassion. This can be very helpful as retrograde Mars squares retrograde Neptune. This energy can cause confusion and friction if you are too ego centric. Mercury conjunct Venus in your 10 house may save the day for this is an energy that improves your imagination and the ability to sell your ideas to superiors.

Pisces – (4) The fourth week begins with Jupiter going direct in your 1 st house. This is a good omen on the level of personal growth. It suggests good luck when displaying your talents and skills. Mars in the 4 of foundations trine Saturn in the 12 house of spirituality brings a positive flow of energy that suggests you’ll feel secure expressing your beliefs. Take advantage but check the details as Mercury will oppose Mars which can cause friction between home and career responsibilities. Do your best to keep balanced. Use your ideas to open a new doorway to success.