Pisces – Mercury Retrograde in 8th house warns you to keep track of all the important details in any joint business ventures. Partners may be saying one thing and doing another and it might be wise to clarify who is responsible for the bottom line. This is a good time to check contracts and insurance polices to make sure every thing is in order. The same can be true in intimate relationships where there is a greater chance for emotional misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Pisces -the Lunar Eclipse in your 2 nd house conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your financial needs and the demands of others. This can manifest in bouts of selfishness and fights over who’s robbing the piggy bank to quench their desires at the expense of others. This is a good time to use the power of negotiation rather than the power of willfulness. You can create a compromise. The same may be true in the realm of desire and sensuality. Make sure sensitivity is combined with physical desires.

Pisces – Venus in the 9 th house inspires you to broaden your interest in education and far away places. Understanding different people and cultures can add more color and spice to your life. You may be dreaming of tomorrow possibilities, so don’t forget about today. A little effort maintains your high standards.