Pisces – (1) the month begins with Mercury in your 8 house of shared energy. Squ Pluto in your 11 house of associates. Venus will help you with a sextile to Pluto as mysterious Pluto turns direct. The Mercury-Pluto Square warns you to be careful to keep secrets when it comes to friends and associates. You may have disagreements that need to be worked out in private. Venus can help if you agree others have different values than you. Use your intuition to find social acceptance. Pluto’s direct motion in your 11 t house suggests that it’s time to make important changes in the way you deal with professional groups.

Pisces – (2) the second week begins with the Sun, Mercury and Mars together in your 8 house of shared energy and Saturn goes direct in your 12 house of limitations. The energy in your 8 house suggests you need to focus on understanding what is needed in your partnerships both on an intimate and business level. Know what is yours and what belongs to others. You are very passionate and psychic. You may even have a chance to gain a deep sense of personal knowledge as Saturn going direct in the 12 can help illuminate your weaknesses. Analyze your sense of self and make changes to the way you understand your spirit. You can heal your fears and clarify your life purpose.

Pisces – (3) the third week requires adjustments as both Mercury and Jupiter go direct and Mars Squares Pluto. Mercury direct in your 8 house brings you the ability to see business issues with deep clarity. Follow your instincts in financial and intimate dealings. Jupiter direct in your 12 house improves your ability to stand alone and consider your spiritual purpose in life. A new cycle is beginning soon. Be a bit careful with your impulses and your passion for you may be misled as Mars Squares Pluto on the 21. This is deceptive energy that can confuse your intuition about others especially if you allow your sensuality to be involved.

Pisces – (4) The fourth-week features confusion as Venus in the 10 house squares Neptune in the 1 and Mars enters Scorpio. Venus in the 10 opens your mind to different avenues of success. You may seek recognition and want to stand out in the crowd. But the Square to Neptune in the 12 house warns you may be seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Avoid confusion by using the energy of Mars as he enters your 8 house and sharpens your psychic power and ambition. Just remember he also increases your need for sensuality. So be careful with people you don’t know and especially people who have social or career power and influence.