Pisces – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 7 house tells you to get out in front of the public for you have a bit of an extra shine about you. This is an excellent time for PR and social events that bring you recognition. Your compassionate nature may attract a potential romantic partner who is attracted to your kindness . This is a great time to deepen personal and business partnerships.

Pisces – Mars is transiting your10 of career, ambition and social standing. this energy stimulates your ambition and drive for success. You’ll be willing to work hard to get ahead and you may get cooperation from those in power. Be careful to keep your methods above board. You’re want personal recognition and you have the courage to pursue it. Discipline and hard work help over come obstacles but do not steam roll over others.

Pisces – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your eleventh house – Social and business groups can play an important role in our lives. But now you must examine why you join certain groups and how your association with other people has improved your life. Do you experience positive growth and reinforcement or are they a drain on your spirit? Be bold in your approach to social interaction. If a group doesn’t live up to the standards they profess change or leave it.