Pisces – the month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse in your 7 th house of . This energy stimulates a need look at your emotions. You know you’re easily affected by the people around you. This is a good time to consider the ideas of others especially those you trust. They may be better at understanding what needs to get a done. And sometimes it’s better to let somebody else take the lead if they’re more efficient. If success comes you can share the rewards later

Pisces – Jupiter moves into Libra the sign of justice and public relations and your 8 house of. This is your natural house of rebirth so you can feel a renewal of your vital energy. Follow your intuition and listen to your psychic impressions about people and business. If your emotions are clear, you will know the true path. The bonus is a deepening of your gentle sensuality.

Pisces – the final Saturn Neptune Square connects your 10 house of career and social status to your 1 house of personality. You can use this challenge to blend the power of illusion to create a new structure in your reality. Saturn through your 10 requires you to focus your ambitions. You must know how you’ve used your talents to gain success and recognition. Neptune in your 1 challenges you to relax your focus on achievement. You can use your imagination and charisma to serve a more important cause.

Pisces – Retrograde Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on 9/20 fooling you into thinking you have all the answers. Think again and take time to carefully review the way you’ve been dealing with personal and business partners. You must try to avoid disagreements and misunderstanding. You’ll be happy you did after the 22 when people are more willing to listen before making decisions.