Pisces – (1) the month begins with a happy connection between Mars in the 4 house of emotional foundations and Jupiter in your 2 house of resources. This is an important time to cooperate with others blending your ideas of security with the concepts of others. Cooperation may bring some financial stability. Then Mercury will oppose Jupiter the next day asking you to clarify your investments and value them effectively. Venus ends the week by moving into Virgo and your 7 house enhancing your ability to communicate and cooperate with partners. Create harmony

Pisces – (2) the second week opens with a bit of a bump as Mercury goes RX in your 8 house of shared energy followed by a Full Moon that could test your common sense and warns you to stay focused on reality. Criticism of partners may backfire so keep your mind focused on your emotions. You’ll be happy you did as the middle of the week has a challenging Moon, Uranus, and Saturn hookup that can affect your sense of connection. The end of the week is no better as Neptune is opposed to the Sun in your 7 house brings a lack of understanding.

Pisces – (3) the third week brings some relief after a Mercury Jupiter opposition. It once again suggests communications may be an issue concerning money. Make sure you try your best to cooperate as you try to protect your assets. A Trine between the Sun and Pluto can help bring more cooperation and Venus trine Uranus can bring improvements when discussing important issues. The week ends with Venus in opposition to nebulous Neptune in the 1 house so keep clear concerning your personal interests and what your partners are trying to tell you.

Pisces – (4) The fourth week is a week of tension in the air as the New Moon in the 8 house of shared energy opposes Jupiter in your 2 house of money. This may challenge your ability to express what you value and what others find valuable. Your inner life will get a boost as active Mars Trines steady Saturn in your 12 house of spirituality. This can bring a sense of peace that helps you feel good about life. Venus enters your 8 at the end of the week increasing your sense of psychic connection and showing you a new world of intimacy.