Sagittarius – Mercury begins the year retrograde in your 1 house until the 8 th suggesting there is confusion in the air. Think before you speak. Move with care. He retrogrades back into your 5 house 4/9 – 5/3 warning you that romantic partners may be living in a dream world. Give them time to wake up. From 8/12 – 9/5 he retrogrades into your 10 house bringing a need for common sense in career in social situations. Don’t overstep your boundaries. His final retrograde is from 12/3 – 12/22 in your house 1 warning you to be careful with your ego. Maintain a cool head and common sense.

Sagittarius – Venus brings opportunities for love and pleasure from 2/4 – 6/6 you may find a special romance and fall in love. Go slowly 3/4 – 4/15 while she’s RX. From 8/27 – 9/20 a good friend can take you on a romantic adventure and from 12/2 -12/26 look for all kinds of love as a new world of pleasure and opportunity comes ur way.

Sagittarius – Mars is favorable to your sign February and August. This is the time to look for romance, start creative projects or start a course of study. New ideas are all around you. Mars challenges you in May and September – talk things out

Sagittarius – Jupiter transits Libra through October and your 11 house bringing opportunities in social groups. Love and romance could be in your future. Focus and don’t be blinded by political rhetoric from either side. Jupiter opposes Uranus at the beginning of March and end of September so expect unusual creative experiences.

Sagittarius – Saturn transits and your 1house all year. You must understand your personality and how it affects others. Now you must focus your passion and inspire other people by your actions. You can be a positive influence in the future. Saturn trines Uranus in November giving you a new sense of personal creativity.

Sagittarius – Uranus transiting your 5 house continues to give you the energy to be more creative, adventurous, and romantic adding joy to your life. Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 4 house. He inspires you to listen to your intuition and dreams. Pluto in your 2 house helps you become more productive and creative bringing you more success in the future.