Sagittarius – Mercury planet of communications is retrograde three times this year the first is from March 5 through March 28 family members may be confused give them some space. His second retrograde is from July 8 through August 1 so allow people to have their point of view. His third and final retrograde is October 31 through November 20 so be careful with negative thoughts. Jupiter and Venus the goddess of love and romance are conjunct in mid January they bring sparkles to your life so reach for the stars. Creative sharing brings romantic possibilities from April 21 – May 16. Romance comes through education or travel from July 29 – Aug 22. You personality attracts admirers in November. Be careful in work and health in mid may when Venus conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Mars planet of desire and action brings the best times to go for what you want romantic action from January 2 through February 15 stand up for your beliefs from July 1 through August 18. Be careful around Valentines day when Mars conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Jupiter King of the gods and planet of Good Fortune brings opportunities all year in making friends and influence people. Saturn the Lord of karma asks you to focus on your personal resources. Uranus, the earth shaker re enters Taurus March 6 be prepared for change in your work, follow creative urges, your intuition, learn new technology. Neptune planet of spirituality brings creative energy to your fourth house. He inspires you to listen to your intuition. Pluto planet of death and resurrection in your second house helps you be more productive and creative bringing success and money in the future.