Sagittarius – Jupiter retrograde in your 10 house may ask you to re evaluate the process of growth and success. Its important to take opportunities for growth and expansion but you must be sure they fit the nature of your being. Prestige is great, self realization greater
Sagittarius – Saturn’s retrograde in your 1 suggests you review your personal success and failures and how your energy has effected others. Are you + and supportive of others or are you ego centric. True personal power inspires warmth and trust in others.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Sagittarius – Mercury enters your 6 house . This is a great time to reorganize your work. Start a healthy routine of diet and exercise. You’ll feel better & be more productive.
Venus brings her charm to your 5 house adding a sense of peaceful enjoyment to romantic and creative pursuits. Use this time to enjoy the process of creative expression or take a new flame on a romantic date.

Sagittarius – Mars goes retrograde in your 1 – consider how you have projected your ego and personal energy. You may create some disagreements if you’re not careful so monitor your actions and words and don’t be too aggressive or pushy. A little wildness can go a long way so act with awareness.

Sagittarius – Pluto Retrograde in the 2 nd house of resources compels you to examine your attitudes toward money, wealth and possessions. You must know what you value and why. You may also have to make some fundamental changes in the way you acquire the things you want. Ask yourself this, do you own your possessions or do they own you? Developing you talents will be your true path to wealth.