Sagittarius – a combination of easy aspect begins the month on a positive note. Mars energizes your emotional nature giving you the courage of your convictions while Saturn stabilizes your sense of idealism. The new moon in your 9 brings an opportunity for adventure as a new cycle of expansion allows you to focus your ambition for success.

Sagittarius – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius and your 1 house of personal projection. You’ve had the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your ego and personality and how it affects others as you interact with the world. Now you must focus your passion and inspire other people by your actions. If you’ve had negative experiences, you must make changes so you can have more positive results in the future.

Sagittarius Mars in your 1 can be aggressive and expressive for you are a fire sign. You need to watch your emotions and focus your energy to achievement. The conjunction with Saturn warns you not to be too impulsive or pushy. Slow down and focus your energy on self improvement. Don’t be egotistical or other people may turn on you. Common sense and disciplined action is important but manipulation may cause trouble.

Sagittarius – beautiful Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your 10 house. An aura of opportunity suggests its time to reach for success so you can improve your standing in the business and social community. A bit of good fortune may bring you to the right place at the right time so take a shot. This is one time where you can mix business and pleasure, just make sure you use common sense and control him bad habits. You want to impress others in a good way.