Sagittarius – Jupiter or Zeus to the ancient Greeks was known as the King of the Gods, the King of Justice and the Greater Benefic. He will transit Capricorn for the first time in twelve years starting an important new cycle of structure, opportunity wisdom and abundance. Take a practical approach with money but don’t be greedy. You can spend on baubles or invest for the long term. The Sun in your 1 house illuminates your talent for personal expression. However, the Square to Neptune on the eighth in your 4 suggests there may be some conflicts between family and career. The Venus conjunction to Saturn on the eleventh may force you to renegotiate business deals or draw upon your resources to pay debts. Venus in the 3 house is great for talking and sharing new ideas with your friends. However, her Square to disruptive Uranus in your 6 house on the 22 nd demands the power of discipline to focus and use this energy. the Sun and Jupiter are energizing your 2 house on the 27 th increasing your potential of making and spending money.