Sagittarius – Mars in the 5 stimulates your sensuality and creativity. The pursuit of pleasure is high on your list of pursuits. This is a great time to start a creative project or go out on a hot new date. But you must use your physical energy carefully. The square to Pluto in your 2 nd house intensifies a need to develop latent talents and abilities so you can overcome personal fears. You’ll feel a deep sense of security as you overcome limitations and gain a sense of inner strength. Madness is fear of want, courage may be the gift of this energy.

Mercury enters Pisces and your 4, adding more sensitivity to your surroundings.
Your ability to think more clearly improves your personal sense of security. You’ll feel better about your self and you’ll be able to keep the peace at home and enjoy your family. Take time to regenerate, make any improvements needed in the home. Then throw a party. Everyone’s all in

Mars conjunct Uranus 5 may create a powerful spike of energy on the 13 the which can disrupt plans for Valentine’s day. This can be a very exciting time as opportunities to express your creativity knock on your door. You may fall in love at first sight or you may find a brilliant idea pops into your head. If you are free to take advantage of the moment, do so – if not don’t.
remember love is gentle and kind, not over powering

Venus Conjuncts Pluto in your second house – You need to deepen your ability to understand how to make money and use your talents to create more value. If you have been extravagant curb your spending. If you’ve made bad investments, curb your losses. You need to polish the way you make money.