Sagittarius – The first week has a Full Moon in Leo 9 house bringing your ambitions to center stage. This is a creative energy that can help you expand your horizons but it can also be an emotional energy so control your expression you don’t want to be too aggressive, especially with people in power. They may want to clip your wings. Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves forward in your 5th house. This is a positive energy that can bring opportunities for creative expression and it can also help improve your romantic situation. Lucky you

Sagittarius – 2 Venus will be in your 4 th house so look for help from your home and family members. This is the area of your chart that deals with emotional foundations and security issues so you can expect improvements in this area of life. And speaking of improvement this is a good time to buy a new home or add a special touch to your living room. She will conjunct Neptune on the 15 th joining the higher spiritual nature of Neptune with the value nature of Venus bringing happiness by balancing home and career responsibilities. Just be aware that Neptune can be a bit nebulous so don’t look at the world with rose-colored glasses.

Sagittarius – 3 The sun will also conjunct Saturn so this is an important time for a serious look at how you acquire the knowledge and training you need to get ahead. The Sun likes to shine and show off, Saturn is more austere and controlled. He does like recognition but he wants to earn it. So this is a good time to increase your knowledge and your ability to communicate it to others. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th can be emotional. This energy asks you to take a break from your family responsibilities and your career duties so you can clear your head and bring needed balance to your life.

Sagittarius – The 4 week ends the month with a Stellium of planets including Venus, the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and your sixth house of daily routines. They are also joined by Chiron the wounded healer. This is a powerful and positive combination of energy that brings opportunities to express the most creative part of your being. You are full of optimism and open to new ideas. There is a child-like energy that is around you now that can attract exciting romantic encounters so remember to be open, cooperative and not too independent for your own good.