Sagittarius – Your power card is the Hanged Man and the power day for January is the 20 th. the Sun conjuncts Pluto as he moves into Aquarius and activates your 3 rd house. This is an exciting energy that can have a powerful yet subtle affect. It can give you a deep understanding into how your mind works, how you receive and analyze information, and how you communicate your ideas to others. The third house represents the effect your early education and environment has on you. It shows the type of intellectual training you received that allows you to interact with your environment. This is where you analyze basics, gain knowledge and formulate concepts. You must realize if you have enough depth of knowledge in what ever you are trying to achieve in life and if not, what you can do to deepen your awareness. This energy seeks depth of mind and not just broadening of mind. If you feel you are lacking in your ability to understand the information you need to be a success or the ability you have to communicate your ideas, you must find a way to improve that now.

Your power card is the Hanged Man which represent a time of new growth. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity that will change your perspective about life.