Sagittarius – the beginning the month is influenced by the energy of the Cancer New Moon in your 8house. This may be a wonderful time to join your energy with someone special in a business or intimate relationship. Your sensitivity is running on a high level as are your emotions so maintain clarity because decisions made now bring powerful changes.

Sagittarius – Jupiter enters Leo and your 9 house on July 17. Jupiter is the king of the gods and Leo in the sign of the king or queen so this can be the beginning of a twelve year cycle of expansion. This transit is ripe for opportunities of all kinds. Jupiter rules this house so his ability to expand is increased. Study, travel and open your mind to new ideas not old dogmas. The true opportunity is your ability to see your own future potential and act on it.

Sagittarius – Saturn moves direct in Scorpio and your 12 house which can bring some constructive changes to the inner nature of your being. This energy has brought you face to face with some of your fears and weaknesses. Once identified, you can harness the unconscious processes of the mind to become your ally rather than your enemy. If you will open yourself to spiritual practices such as yoga meditation and prayer you will gain freedom.