Sagittarius – The month begins with Venus Square Uranus under the light of a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the 2 nd house of your chart. This powerful emotional energy challenges you to think clearly and know how much money and resources you have and how you can develop your talent to make more. Venus in the 9 th turns on your ambition and questions what you believe in and value the most in life. The Square to Uranus in the 6 th warns you to watch the details at work and in your daily routines. Think about how new technologies may have a radical affect on your life. The week ends as the Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 4 th house. You need to take a sober approach to your security.

Sagittarius – week 2 begins as Mercury in the 8 th house opposes Pluto in the 2 warning you to watch what you say in intimate and financial situations. This opposition may pit your resources against the money of others. So if you do not want to loose know what is yours and what belongs to others. This may be very important as Mars enters Virgo and your 4 th house of emotional foundations. Any criticism must be listen to but also taken with a grain of salt. If you make unwise decisions or are too aggressive you coulld come out the looser. This may be very important as the Moon will conjunct Uranus in your 6 th house of daily routines. Keep your eye on details and your work performance.

Sagittarius – The 3 week begins Mercury Leo (9) Squares Jupiter in Taurus (6)There is a lot of friction in this energy but you must be careful not to allow pent up anger to color your thinking. There can be negative effects on your ability to understand what you need to adjust to get ahead. You may be helped by a inspiration from a family member as the Sun trines Neptune in the 4 th house. This can help you feel more secure. But the week ends with a thud as Mars 10 Opposes Saturn 4 creating a sense of conflict and frustration and the Sun 8 Opposes Pluto 2 causing a battle of wills that can affect your money and resources. Stay clear of fear and destructive emotions.

Sagittarius – 4 The month ends as Mars 10 separates from Saturn 4 easing any tension and strife that was in the air (between your career duties and the home responsibilities, take a break from the pressure.) There still will be excitement in the air as Mercury in the 9 house squares Uranus in the 6 th. This suggests that you may need to adjust to new ways of thinking that can help you handle your challenges. New technology may have to be mastered to help you become more efficient. Lovely Venus may smooth out any communications glitches as she joins Mercury in your 9 th house allowing a new sense of cooperation and understanding that leads to success.