New Moon – June 2104
Sagittarius – the month opens under the vibration of a Gemini new Moon in your 7 th house of relationships and public relations. Partners may need your support as they try to express what they want to achieve in the world. This is a good time to keep an open mind and be sensitive to their emotional needs. If you have planned well, done your homework and joined your energy together you may achieve public recognition for a project. Well done!

Mercury Retrograde June 7, 2104
Sagittarius -Mercury RX in 7th House warns you to pay close attention to what your partners are trying to say. It is easy for misunderstandings to rock the boat when a partner says one thing and you hear something entirely different. Do not assume that you’re right and they’re wrong so take time to iron out the details. Finding solutions is easier when there is good communications and understanding. The same holds true for dealing with the public. Keep it simple and clear.

Neptune Retrograde June 9, 2022
Sagittarius – Neptune is retrograde in your 4th house. Neptune is always subtle but now his energy can bring confusion at the deepest level of your emotions. You are very sensitive at this time and you could feel that other people just do not understand you. But that may not be the truth. Be quiet so you can deepen your self and sense a connection to your spiritual roots. Meditation, yoga and prayer can help bring you clarity. Re-evaluate how you connect with your inner being.