Sagittarius – the Full Moon on June 2 falls in your 1st house of personal expression and appearance. If the spotlights on you love to be in it just make sure your sensitive ego and flair for drama don’t create mountains out of mole hills or you might get bumped off the stage. Allow your emotional sensitivity to express as compassion for others than your warmth and generosity will win you applause. The T – Square to Neptune in your 4 house brings confusion or illumination. Even you have a need for security so make sure all is well at home before conquering the world. A little quiet time with loved ones will heal your spirit.

Sagittarius- when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 11 th in your 7th house of partnership and public relations, the power of your concentration and your ability to communicate more clearly will help eliminate confusion and bring a new sense of direction in your personal and business partnerships. This will be important on the 14 th when Mars conjuncts the Sun and you’re ready to take on the world.

Sagittarius – Jupiter continues his transit through Leo and your 9 house. Jupiter rules this house so his ability to expand is increased. Seek opportunities through travel, higher education and religious expression. New ideas may replace old dogmas. Your need to see your future potential and act on it. The powerful trine to Uranus in your 5 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to express your creative genius and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Be selective.