Sagittarius – Neptune transits your 4 house in Pisces the sign he rules, which gives him added strength. This is a deep yet subtle energy that connects you to your guiding spirit and your personal intuition. The opportunity to serve unselfishly may lift you to a higher spiritual level. The conjunction to the sun can bring some confusion or illumination especially since it is sensitized by your feelings and your emotions. Remember to listen to your inner being and your feelings by keeping your mind in your emotions clear.

Sagittarius – Jupiter continues his transit through your 11 house bringing opportunities to get out and mix with people as new doors open to you. Do some networking and get involved in public relations and humanitarian causes. Use your ideas to create a brighter world. The Powerful opposition to Uranus in your 5 house may bring an opportunity to express your creativity and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Be selective.

Sagittarius – Mars enters your 6 of. This energy stimulates your approach to work giving you a sense of purpose. You can make up for lost ground as your energy kicks into high gear. New responsibilities are handled with a cool head and steady hand helping you stand out in the crowd. Watch your diet, start a new exercise routine, calm your nerves and you’ll feel great.

Sagittarius – the Saturn Moon conjunction falls in your 1 st house. This can be a constructive or depressing combination according to your nature. It is important to make a good impression where it counts. You may be a bit over sensitive so control your emotions and drop your protective shell. You already know you attract more people with your warmth and generosity. Remember, you’re a natural at public relations so use your talent well.