Sagittarius – (1) the month begins with a positive Venus Uranus sextile that connects your 4 and 6 th houses. This is a great time to focus on work for you have assistance and emotional backing from family. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your 3 house will expand your ability to express your thoughts and ideas. You can make great improvements to your surroundings n if you ever wanted to expand your knowledge or write a best seller this is the time to promote it.

Sagittarius – (2) the second week begins with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces and your 4 house. This can empower your ability to feel a deep sense of spiritual security. Listen to your intuition and instincts for they will be right on the money. Don’t get too emotional. The New Moon on the 13 th and a Venus Neptune conjunction makes this the perfect time to express your love of home and family A deep sense of security allows you to take on the world.

Sagittarius – (3) the third week is a little quiet as the Sun in your 4 house sextiles Pluto in the 2 nd. This can help you analyze what you really need in life and what you value the most. This is a good time to adjust your investments of time and money. Venus enters your 5 house and Mars Trines Saturn, suggesting an ability to improve your romantic and creative potential. Try to focus your energy on expressing your ideas and enjoying the good things that come your way.

Sagittarius – (4) the fourth week begins with a jolt as Mercury Squares Mars on the 23 rd and warns you to watch what you say because there may be a misunderstanding between your home responsibilities and professional duties. Make sure you measure your words. The Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries suggesting you’ll have more time for pleasure. Venus and the Sun both Sextile Saturn in your 3 th house allowing you to analyze and communicate information effectively.