Sagittarius – Your power card is the Four of Pentacles and the power day for March is the 17th St Patrick’s Day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 4 th house .This energy puts a focus on your home, family, and personal foundations. You should take any opportunity that comes your way to improve the sense of oneness in your home and family. This can help you deepen your spiritual awareness and give you a deep new sense of personal security. You may want to spend some time improving your surroundings so they create an atmosphere of peace and healing. There is a strong psychic energy that may emanate from your being so follow your intuition. However, Saturn conjunct Venus will demand that whatever you do has a real practical manifestation. So don’t do anything that does not fit your personal values.

Your power card is the Four of Pentacles which represents power and money but you must be willing to share.