Sagittarius – the Taurus New Moon in your 6 th house of health and work asks you to make positive changes in your life patterns. Look at your daily habits and work routines, have they grown stale and non – productive? If so make necessary adjustments. If new responsibilities come your way, take them on without complaint. If your energy is a bit low change your diet and start an exercise program.

Sagittarius – Mars moves forward in your11of friends, groups and associations. this energy may stimulate you to get involved in humanitarian or social groups. There is a part of you that wants to better the world. If you are involved in a like minded group or social effort use your creative ideas & and you may take a leading role. Just make sure that everyone has the same goals. Cooperation brings success, self interest failure.

Sagittarius – You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 5 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of peaceful enjoyment to romantic and creative pursuits as she transits the5 house. However, when Uranus joins this loving planet the pursuit of pleasure can be over stimulated as Uranus is known for unexpected and willful action. Independence, excitement and creative, you’re hard to pin down unless someone can offer you the sun, moon and a few of the stars. Creative urges are strong as you sing your own song. You need to step out of the ordinary to experience the vividness of life. Chose your adventure wisely.